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Precision casting: Tailor-made solutions for demanding applications

Our castings product portfolio includes high-precision components manufactured using advanced casting processes such as aluminum, zinc and magnesium die casting. We also offer aluminum sand casting and gravity die casting, ideal for demanding applications with complex geometries. Using the lost wax process in investment casting, we achieve excellent qualities that are indispensable in critical industrial sectors such as railroad technology and medical technology. As an option, we refine the cast parts with galvanic coatings, Teflon, paintwork and assembly to guarantee optimum functionality, aesthetics and durability. We develop requirement-specific solutions that are precisely tailored to the needs of our customers.


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Using different casting processes, Kirch develops and produces requirement-specific castingsmade from all standard raw materials. Upon request, we will then provide your high-quality castingswith a galvanic or Teflon coating, paint them and assemble them.

  • Aluminium pressure die-casting
  • Zinc pressure die-casting
  • Magnesium pressure die-casting
  • Aluminium sand casting
  • Aluminium gravity die-casting
  • Electroplating
  • Teflon coating
  • Wet coating
  • Powder coating
  • Assembly

Die casting: High-precision cast parts for a wide range of applications

Global expertise in die casting processes
Our die casting technologies at locations worldwide enable the production of high-precision cast parts from various aluminium alloys. With foundries in Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia and Asia, we cover a wide range of clamping forces from 63 to 2000 tonnes and produce parts weighing up to 15 kg.

  • Europe: Our two foundries in Europe use clamping forces of between 200 and 1100 tonnes to produce castings weighing up to 8 kg from alloys such as EN AC 46000 and 46500.
  • Eastern Europe: A foundry with capacities from 150 to 1500 tonnes produces parts weighing up to 8.5 kg from alloys such as EN AC 44100 and EN AC 44300.
  • South Asia: Our plant here uses clamping forces of 120 to 800 tonnes for parts up to 2.5 kg, focusing on alloys such as EN AC 44100 and EN AC 46100.
  • Asia: Four foundries offer a wide range of clamping forces from 63 to 2000 tonnes and produce parts up to 15 kg in similar alloys.

This global footprint enables us to respond flexibly to our customers' needs and offer high-quality, durable and cost-effective solutions.


Investment casting: Detailed and complex structures

Specialised in complex metallurgies
In investment casting, our foundries in Europe, Eastern Europe, South Asia and Asia offer a comprehensive range of metal alloys that enable precise castings for the most demanding applications.

  • Europe: With two foundries specialising in low to high alloy steels, including corrosion and heat resistant and wear resistant alloys and superalloys, we cover a wide range of needs. Ni- and Co-based alloys as well as bronze are also available.
  • Eastern Europe: A foundry focused on steel, grey cast iron and copper alloys, ideal for robust applications.
  • South Asia: This foundry offers a variety of steels including carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel in various grades, duplex/super duplex stainless steel, precipitation hardening steels, cast iron, ductile iron, phosphor bronze, brass and aluminium and copper alloys.
  • Asia: Two foundries specialise in steels and stainless steels, including stainless steels, carbon steels, alloy steels and Ni-based alloys, as well as aluminium and copper alloys.

Our advanced investment casting technology enables us to produce complex, precise and finely defined castings that are used in demanding industries such as aerospace, energy and high technology. With our specialized alloys, we meet the highest requirements in terms of quality, durability and performance.


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