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We think, work and plan in a flexible and forward-looking way

Thinking and planning ahead is an essential part of our daily business. But that is only one of the reasons why we have also designed our office structure to be forward-looking and, above all, flexible. Our workspaces are living modules in the sense of Tiny Houses. These can be flexibly positioned according to need and have all the electrical and sanitary connections needed to actually function as a residential unit. Should space requirements dictate, the modules can even be placed outside our warehouse and combined - according to your wishes and needs - into different units. There, they can go straight into operation after readjustment.

AWEAT - was integrated as a company into Kirch engineering and products GmbH

With the takeover and integration of AWEAT GmbH, we have added a specialist for high-quality investment casting products that has been internationally recognised for decades for its first-class quality production. With the integration of AWEAT, we are continuing to grow and expand our service portfolio. We now also manufacture a wide range of products using the lost wax process, which offers numerous advantages as even complex parts can be moulded using almost all castable materials. 

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Milestones of our success story


AWEAT successfully integrated

The fusion with AWEAT GmbH in 2024 expands our team of experts with specialists in high-quality investment casting, known for first-class quality for decades. With this integration, we are strengthening our growth trajectory and expanding our range to include products made using the lost wax process, which is valued for its flexibility in the production of complex parts.


4-day week introduced

In 2023, we implement the 4-day week and complete the transformation to a completely paperless company, significantly advancing our sustainability goals.


AWEAT GmbH acquired

By acquiring AWEAT GmbH, a leading specialist in investment casting, we have been strengthening our market position and expanding our production capacities and technological expertise since 2022.


New building occupied

In 2021, we move into our new building at Balinger Straße 129, increasing the number of full-time employees to nine and expanding the warehouse capacity to 500, with the option of 1,000 storage spaces.


Introduction of the ELO system

In 2021, we move into our new building at Balinger Straße 129, increasing the number of full-time employees to nine and expanding the warehouse capacity to 500, with the option of 1,000 storage spaces.


Awarded ISO 9001 certification

In 2018, we received EN ISO 9001 certification, confirming our high quality standards and our continuous endeavours to achieve efficient and reliable processes.


Moving and expansion

Our relocation to Rottweil in 2015 significantly expands our company: our workforce increases to five employees and our storage capacity to 200 storage spaces, supplemented by a modern IT merchandise management system.


Our location in southern Germany

Due to the relocation of the family center to southern Germany, we move to Spaichingen in 2012. This expansion will also enable us to improve our positioning and exploit strategic advantages.



Kirch - engineering and products GmbH is founded in 2009. With a new company headquarters in Bergisch Gladbach near Cologne and our first employee, we lay a solid foundation for further growth.


Founding of the company

In 1998, Paul Kirch founds his own company as a sole trader on the side, laying the foundations for our future development and innovative solutions.

Consulting and development

We are with you every step of the way – from the idea and the creation of a drawing, the production of prototypes and the initial sample all the way to series release. Thanks to sophisticated processes, extensive experience and the close cooperation with manufacturers, we are often working on major projects with up to 40 products at the same time – without diminished quality or falling behind schedule!

What's in it for you? You are taking the burden off your purchasing department, can focus entirely on your core business and increase your competitive advantage. We will take care of the rest – reliably, flexibly and cost-effectively. In short: Kirch makes it happen.


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Our philosophy: better together!

Here at Kirch, it's not about "cheap at any cost". Instead, we rely on long-term, close relationships with manufacturers that share our philosophy with regard to quality, customer focus, cost-effectiveness and delivery dependability. This close cooperation also pays off for you: with needs-based solutions that completely meet your technical requirements and your demands on quality.

Something else to keep in mind: We also seek the same type of long-term and close relationships with our customers. That allows us to better understand your requirements so that we can more quickly and efficiently turn them into specific solutions that truly make a difference for you.

Social commitment is a matter of heart

As a local company and employer, we are aware of our social responsibility. That's why we support regional social projects such as the food bank in Rottweil and the Bonn University Clinic for Epileptology. Since 2018, we have also been supporting the local racer Lion Düker through our sponsorship to fulfil his big dream of the 24-hour race in Le Mans.

We also work successfully in partnership with workshops for people with disabilities in the Schwarzwald-Baar district. Not to boost our image, but because it is personally important to all of us and a real matter of the heart.

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